Using G7 ballistic coefficient in Strelok Pro [Android]


What is the difference between G1 and G7 BC?

Some G7 ballistics coefficients for various bullets can be found here and here
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Assume, you have .338 caliber, 250 gr, Berger bullet

1. Enter Cartridge name, bullet speed. Find your Berger bullet G7 ballistic coefficient here. Select G7 drag-function from the list and enter G7 ballistic coefficient.

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2. Input Bullet parameters

Bullet length for Berger bullet can be found here:

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3. Zero your rifle and save you zeroing weather.

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4. Now you are ready to shoot. Shoot to 800 yards distance

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5. Do 'truing' by velocity if needed.
Shoot at distance bigger than zero distance. Assume, this is 800 yards (Distance should be greater than the zero distance. The farther, the better). Calculated elevation for this distance is 74 clicks
Find out REAL elevation is needed to hit the target. Assume, this is 80 clicks.
On the trajectory validation screen input Distance as 800 yards and Elevation as 80 clicks.
Tap button "Calculate" and muzzle speed at which elevation will be equal 80 clicks will be calculated. It this case, it will be 2717 f/s
Tap button "Use this velocity" and this calculated muzzle speed will replace your current muzzle speed (2800->2717) and screen will be closed.

On the main screen tap "Calculate" button and you will get calculated elevation which equals REAL elevation - 80 clicks


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Now you can input any distance and hit the target.

You're ready!

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