Using Weatherflow WEATHERmeter

Using Weatherflow WEATHERmeter


1. Install and Start Weatherflow app (for Android, for iOS) and calibrate WEATHERmeter compass according instructions:
2. Start Strelok Pro, face WEATHERmeter to the target and tap Calibrate button. Strelok Pro will store target azimuth. Be sure what blades spinning from wind or blow into the meter.

3. Face meter to the wind and Strelok Pro will show wind direction in relation of target azimuth


After some modification you can use Kestrel vane for the WEATHERmeter (see photo).

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Another way - Davis vane


Good video from Richard Utting:

Another good video: Strelok Pro with WeatherMeter and reticle simulation

See also: Strelok for iPhone, Strelok for Android and Strelok Pro (iPhone) and Strelok Pro (Android)

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