Strelok. Ballistic calculator for Symbian


Ballistic calculator for Symbian (now is not supported)

Supports English, Czech, Norwegian, Swedish and Russian languages

Now supports imperial units! (yards, feet, inches, etc)

Symbian OS Series 60, 3rd Edition (e.g. Nokia e71) or 5rd Edition (e.g. Nokia 5800)

Version 2.18. Added support Ballistic MilDot (Burris)

Download application archive (101 Kb)

You can download and install it directly from phone.


During installation, if you got message "Certificate error - please contact the developer" (or something like that), go to Menu->Tools->Setting->Applications->App. Manager->Software installation and change from "Signed only" to "All"

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Explanation of terms:

1. Zeroing weather:
Weather at which you zero the rifle (scope) in

2. Zeroing weather: match current weather:
Weather at which you zero the rifle in match the weather you shoot the range
Another words, you zero in the rifle and shoot the range at the same place and time

3. Zeroing weather: enabled (disabled):
If zeroing weather enabled, the program will consider a difference between zeroing weather and present weather.
If zeroing weather disabled, the program will consider that zeroing weather and the present weather are identical.

4. On how many percent bullet speed will change at change temperature on 15 degrees:

Suppose, you have 2 bullet velocity mesurement. 1 and 2 (for different temperatures):
TempDiference = temp_2 - temp_1;
SpeedDiference = speed_2 - speed_1;

TempModifyer = SpeedDiference/TempDiference*15/speed_1*100;

TempModifyer - this is parameter we need for input to my ballistic calculator.
2.5% - this is for very middle quality powder. Best powders can have 1.2 or so.

Here simple calculator for this purpose

Sorry, following phones NOT supported:

Nokia 3250
Nokia 5500 Sport
Nokia E50
Nokia E60
Nokia E61
Nokia E61i
Nokia E62
Nokia E65
Nokia E70
Nokia N71
Nokia N73
Nokia N75
Nokia N77
Nokia N80
Nokia N91
Nokia N91 8GB
Nokia N92
Nokia N93
Nokia N93i
Samsung SGH-i570


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